VOTD: Inside Mario Balotelli’s Head

July 25, 2011 No Comments by PK

Mario. Balotelli. Yesterday’s antics have made him today’s player du jour. A boastfully muffed backheel and Super Mario’s season is off to a characteristically controversial note. In doing so, Mario has stolen this week’s spotlight from more deserving Copa America champions, Uruguay. But hey, everyone loves a scandal. So while people expound on Mario’s latest Mr. Hyde moment, this clip shows you more of his Dr. Jekyll side and gets as close as you can to explaining what goes on in this guy’s head without jabbing a speculum in his ear.

It’s easy to damn the Italian 20 year old as a lost cause after what he tried to pull against the Galaxy, but Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini (whom Mario calls “Papa”) believes he can tame Mario the Monsta and even likens him to the most polarizing player of his day, Eric Cantona. I like that comparison. And could also see Balotelli pulling off his own kung fu drop-kick before his days are done.

What do you think of Balotelli? Is it too early to write him off? Think he’ll win over Man City fans? Or is Mancini counterfeit dreaming about ever straightening him out?

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