Thursday Throughball & LeBron’s Visit to Liverpool

October 20, 2011 No Comments by PK

Why couldn’t Stevie G get a Miami Heat jersey with his name on the back? Not fair.

From last year, but absolutely fascinating. How soccer almost became a major American sport in 1920′s…[Slate]

Ever imagine Johan Cruyff as a baseball player? Yea, me neither. Apparently, it almost happened…[A Football Report]

The correct way to react to a missed sitter…[Run of Play]

Want a trial at Manchester United? Just go knock on Fergie’s door!..[BBC]

US Soccer names U-23 Olympic coach and U-20 Youth Coach…[SBI]

Harry Redknapp hurts himself doing yoga and pilates during Spurs training. No more downward dog for droopy dog…[Dirty Tackle]

David Luiz gave Fernando Torres religious blessing before his Champions Leage brace v Genk…[WAAT]

Top Ten most embarrassing shirt sponsors. Personally, Arsenal’s SEGA sponsor was badass…[Off the Post]

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