The Throughball: Links We Love & Pique Hates Socks

December 1, 2011 No Comments by PK

Leander Schaerlackens tries to compare MLS to the World…with moderate success…[ESPN]

Sunderland want Martin O’Neil as Steve Bruce’s successor. Might settle for Mark Hughes…[Guardian]

The bizarre story of how Dan Borislow ran WPS tclub ‘magicJack’ into the ground…[Deadspin]

Rolling Stone names Jose Mourinho ‘Rockstar of the Year’…[Dirty Tackle]

Fancy a tour of Portland’s player Sal Zizzo’s food cart? Yes you do…[MLSS]

How a player with no country has been given permission to play for Isreal…[KCKRS]

Run of Play exposes the beautiful rat in the ‘flawless’ FIFA 12 engine…[ROP]

Aaaannd, this is the world’s biggest insect…[Gizmodo]

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