‘Arry Absolved, ‘Arry for England

February 8, 2012 1 Comment by PK

Redknapp to succeed Capello?

The England national team, as you may know, are currently without a coach or a captain. The question du jour (and probably the only thing that your Twitter timeline will consist of for the next week or so) is ‘Who’s going to be the next manager of England?’ Will it be Woy Hodgson? Or the fat waiter himself, Rafa Benitez? How about Real Madrid wantaway Jose Mourinho? While the ravenous British media speculates endlessly about the man who’s eyes they next get to peck out of their skull, I think this picture tells the story.

Sorry Spurs fans, it’s ‘Arry the Acquitted and you know it.

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  1. PingPong
    2 years ago

    The idea that either Roy Hodgson or Rafa Benitez will become the Ingurland manager is asinine.

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