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25 Sep

Carlsberg’s Roller Coaster EPL Fan Ad Is Awesome

As fans, we say it a lot: ‘Being a football supporter is like riding a roller coaster’…albeit with few more expletives.

But now Carlsberg, or their Buenos Aires-based ad agency Santo, have captured the sentiment perfectly in this advert.

The spot comes as Carlsberg launches a new 3-year partnership with the EPL. And I don’t think many will disagree with its portrayal of fandom.

You can spot Premier League legends Robbie Fowler, Gareth Southgate, Jimmy Bullard, Marcel Desailly and Chris Kamara all riding the coaster as well.

Carlsberg’s VP of marketing Tom Moradpour, told that “Carlsberg’s football story is a fan story, not a player story… it’s about the fans that watch games with a beer in their hands.”

But I’ve one question Mr. Moradpour. What about the fans who ride roller coasters with beers in their hands…?

01 Sep

NBC gifted perfect timing for Derby Day


NBC’s coverage of the Premiere League has been excellent so far this new season, and today’s Super Sunday September 1st Bonanza could not have been better timed.  Fresh off of College Football’s first Saturday, American sports fans were primed for more on-the-field action Sunday morning. With the NFL not kicking off for one more week, the NW England and North London derby match-ups slotted in as cheekily as Daniel Sturridge’s goal against United.  Furthermore, there are hardly 4 teams with larger US support than the 4 that performed today.

NBC’s EPL coverage has been really spectacular thus far, with the in-studio portions linking all the live coverage as smoothly as Arsenal’s link-up play leading up to Oliver Giroud’s winner against Spurs, and the thorough Match of the Day recap nicely allowing all Arsenal and Liverpool fans to languish in their team’s success well into the evening.

The popularity of Soccer is growing in the United States. I remember roping all my American friends into watching the World Cup in 2006 on my new, state-of-the-art HDTV, being grateful that I had access to every match of the tournament. Now, not only can I watch every single match of each EPL round,  the scores from the top leagues are given the same prominence on ESPN’s bottom ticker as “Popular Tim Tebow’s” release from the Patriots.  NBC’s coverage of the EPL is leading the sport in the right direction. Even the MLS is getting some snazzy new spots which will hopefully help lift all ships with the rising tide.  I for one am one fan who counts himself lucky.

14 Aug

Walking a tightrope while drunk: Avoiding the Drop

EPL No Comments by Chris Boulay

Getting promoted to the English Premier League is one of the greatest achievements for some clubs, while others are just righting wrongs of past failures. The Championship is a meat grinder, and if not careful, teams that dwell there for too long have a habit of getting chewed up and spit out into oblivion. For the fortunate few that come up, they are typically greeted with a swift kick in the pants by the more established sides looking to keep the drop door sealed. The battle to stay up is messy, awful and fun.

05 Aug

Walk Like A Giant: Determining What Makes An English Club “Big”


Defining success means different things to different supporters. It can involve wins, trophies, fan support, landing players considered to be “world class” and probably some other measurements that are completely ludicrous and based on superficial, entitled feelings. One aspect where this draws contentious opinion among supporters is finding out who is a “big club” and who gets the unsavory title of being a “small club.”

14 May

The Will to Win

The need to survive is an instinct all species share. When faced with extinction, survival becomes the one and only goal.  This time of year, the battle to move into and out of the EPL created some of the best moments of the season. Watford’s jubilant progress into the Championship Final shows how much it […]

22 Apr

Vanchester United. Champions Again.

EPL No Comments by Petar

Congrats to Manchester United for winning their record-extending 20th Top Division title this year.  Although most of us at TK have little other than hatred for Manchester, (red or blue) United handled the EPL impressively this year.  The signing of Robin van Persie in August was touted as the signing that would tilt the title back in United’s favor. Today that prophesy came true as a RvP hat-trick sealed it for the Red Devils.

17 Apr

NBC + EPL = A+ (Hopefully)


We have known for a while that NBC has purchased the rights to show the EPL in the US starting next year.  To be honest, I was a little bummed out because I thought Fox Soccer has come a long way in the last few years, with ESPN doing an admirable job being the new kid on the block.  Compared to where EPL coverage was 5 years ago, we as American soccer fans had it pretty nice. EPL CEO Richard Scudamore shared this sentiment today when he said, “We are not unhappy with our current broadcast partners (in the United States) but I can see we are on the threshold of taking it to a new level.”

After NBC and the EPL released more details about their plans for next season, I can see why he is so confident.

01 Apr

An Honest Look at Paolo Di Canio

Asking a Jew to objectively discuss a fascist is like having a mouse ask the neighborhood cat for help with the cheese in a trap. But let’s be as honest as possible about yesterday’s announcement from Sunderland. Yes, Paolo Di Canio is the new manager of the Black Cats. Yes, he is open about his political leanings, which happen to be of the fascist variety. Most importantly, his most publicized quote, “I’m a fascist, not a racist,” has yet to be proven wrong.

Throughout his playing years in Italy (Lazio, Juve, Napoli, Milan, Cisco Roma), Scotland (Celtic), and England (Sheffield Wed, West Ham and Charlton), Di Canio was a fan’s player. His only incidents were because he was a hot head and a generally intense personality, not because he’s a fascist, or a racist. During these years, he played with countless black players. His fascism didn’t seem to be of issue then. In the interest of the aforementioned honesty, there was a spat with Jonathan Tehoue during his tenure as manager at Swindon. The bottom line is that Di Canio is now Sunderland manager because he was successful with Swindon Town and he was hired for footballing reasons. He is being paid, probably handsomely, for preaching tactics, not politics.

People who identify as fascist are criticized by many because of the ideology’s historical role in horrible death, war, and tragedy. Totally fair. What about the players, managers, owners, or supporters of clubs who lean the opposite direction on the political spectrum? Some forget that socialism as an ideology is responsible for millions upon millions of deaths in the Soviet Union, China, and Cambodia, among others. Why is it that Eric Cantona is revered for having leftist, arguably dangerous views that call for social revolutions, while Di Canio is reviled for having his own personal beliefs?

We’re not going to delve into the changes and evolution of Italian fascism from Mussolini to present day. It’s a topic I’m not well versed in and one that is irrelevant. Di Canio has labeled himself a fascist and he owns it. Until his views or beliefs harm somebody or impede them from living their life as they see fit, he can be whoever the hell he feels works for him. Many have jumped on Di Canio and Sunderland as a whole for appointing someone who doesn’t fit their ideals (I know, it’s hard to believe that individuals who have an outlet feel they can question the motives and morals of a privately owned organization). They seem to be missing the point though. They are fans of a sporting club. Their ideals should be winning, and nothing else. Di Canio’s style was described as “coaching by hand grenade,” and considering the Wearsiders have 7 games to save themselves from relegation, it sounds like exactly what they need.

21 Aug

Marouane Fellaini’s Hair

EPL No Comments by Pasha

Eat your heart out, Dr. J. The Belgian Beast is now the new standard for ‘fros. Although it’s long been known to football aficionados that Fellaini is a great player, with plenty of talent and now clearly the main man at Goodison Park after the departure of Tim Cahill, it seems the rest of the world only noticed after yesterday’s game-winning header against Newton Heath, er Manchester United.

To celebrate his coif, here’s a celebration of his do and how it looks on other people and inanimate objects alike! Give it a shot too! Do you want to see Marouane Fellaini’s hair somewhere else? Just paste it in! Right click and save the hair HERE and make your own! Share them with us on Twitter with hashtag #whereisfellainishair or Facebook!

Here are a few of ours!


18 Aug

Premier League Preview: Sponsor Edition

EPL 1 Comment by Pasha

As you all know, TK takes into account all of the leading indicators to predict results for the upcoming season. While many other blogs and so-called experts look at absurd markers such as squad, transfers, and schedule, we know what really matters: SHIRT SPONSORS. Funding is important, but if you have a real bad ass sponsor that provides insurance or funds terrorism, there’s just that much more gusto infused into the team spirit.

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