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26 Oct

Liverpool’s Fancy Goal Party, in GIFS

Sorry, I’m going to let my obnoxious Liverpool fandom seep out a bit and leave these gifs right here…

Seriously, who in the EPL is better with the ball at his feet than this crazy Uruguayan??

From a clever reddit user: “I heard Suarez  nutmegged a mermaid once.” I laughed.

Spanish lesson: Cabezazo - A golazo, with the head.

And with this, Loco Luis completed his first hat trick of the season, which apparently come every 20.3 matches, if you cared.

Apparently on British TV, Matt La Tissier, master of outside the box magic, called this his goal of the season. Agree?

This 4-1 win over West Brom puts Liverpool on 20pts and in second behind Arsenal (22pts) and means next Saturday’s showdown between the two clubs (1:30pm EST) is this season’s biggest fixture so far. Goodie goodie.

I’m sure there will be a heated international video chat between myself, Sam, and Petar (he’s a Gunner) next weekend. Probably a good thing we are thousands of miles apart for this one.

(Cheers to FeintZebra for the gifs)

01 Sep

NBC gifted perfect timing for Derby Day


NBC’s coverage of the Premiere League has been excellent so far this new season, and today’s Super Sunday September 1st Bonanza could not have been better timed.  Fresh off of College Football’s first Saturday, American sports fans were primed for more on-the-field action Sunday morning. With the NFL not kicking off for one more week, the NW England and North London derby match-ups slotted in as cheekily as Daniel Sturridge’s goal against United.  Furthermore, there are hardly 4 teams with larger US support than the 4 that performed today.

NBC’s EPL coverage has been really spectacular thus far, with the in-studio portions linking all the live coverage as smoothly as Arsenal’s link-up play leading up to Oliver Giroud’s winner against Spurs, and the thorough Match of the Day recap nicely allowing all Arsenal and Liverpool fans to languish in their team’s success well into the evening.

The popularity of Soccer is growing in the United States. I remember roping all my American friends into watching the World Cup in 2006 on my new, state-of-the-art HDTV, being grateful that I had access to every match of the tournament. Now, not only can I watch every single match of each EPL round,  the scores from the top leagues are given the same prominence on ESPN’s bottom ticker as “Popular Tim Tebow’s” release from the Patriots.  NBC’s coverage of the EPL is leading the sport in the right direction. Even the MLS is getting some snazzy new spots which will hopefully help lift all ships with the rising tide.  I for one am one fan who counts himself lucky.

05 Aug

Walk Like A Giant: Determining What Makes An English Club “Big”


Defining success means different things to different supporters. It can involve wins, trophies, fan support, landing players considered to be “world class” and probably some other measurements that are completely ludicrous and based on superficial, entitled feelings. One aspect where this draws contentious opinion among supporters is finding out who is a “big club” and who gets the unsavory title of being a “small club.”

12 Apr

Very Extra!

Americans and good soccer commentary just don’t go together. Every time I hear Eric Wynalda and Alexi Lalas talk about anything, I want to engage the SAP function to avoid the noise. The British on other hand, are fantastic at the game. Chief among them are the guys from The Guardian, and their flagship podcast Football Weekly. Every week, twice a week, James Richardson and his rotating crew of correspondents break down the happenings of the wide world of football…Until now.

With the introduction of Football Weekly Very Extra, the Guardian crew is also posting a video version of the pod on Fridays, focusing on the Europa League. Not being a Liverpool fan, I am not all that familiar with the competition, but I’ll tune into anything that has my favorite journos talking football on camera. Granted, the Europa League is basically a competition to see who is the 17th best team in Europe, but the relegation battle is to determine the 17th best team in England, and that is always compelling and rich. Plus, as a very extra bonus, Spurs crashed out of the competition after a heart-warming penalty shootout last night, so enjoy!

11 Jul

John Henry Tells TK: ‘We Got Roma Striker’

Sam and John Henry

One lucky member of the Third Kit is busy being showered in praise from Liverpool faithful today. So he’s a little too busy lounging poolside somewhere in his kashmere leopard print undies surrounded by a bunch of babes and Bacardi right now, so I’m posting this on his behalf.

Last night, Sam and our buddy Marko ran into a special someone at Boston’s finest purveyors smashed grapes, Wine Bottega in the North End. While the two were goofing around with the shop owner, in walked none other than John W. Henry, the owner of Liverpool F.C. and the Boston Red Sox, and his lovely wife Linda Pizzuti.

In proud Third Kit fashion, Sam was able to turn this chance run-in into an mini-exclusive interview (See: Matt Reis at the MLS Cup). But this one came with a major bombshell. As Henry was leaving the wine shop, he turned to same and said, “Looks like we got the striker from Roma.” Of course, he was referring to the long-linked Italian, Fabio Borini.

I’ll spare you the rest of Sam and Marko’s rather hilarious encounter with the First Man and Lady of Liverpool F.C., as you can read the Sam’s tickling account at LFC Boston’s blog, The Red Letter. But I will say, perhaps the coolest part of this run-in is how soccer-savvy (and gorgeous) Linda Pizzuti is. To think she’d actually read Sam’s piece about the Fenwayification of Anfield, is just awesome. Guess who’s the jealous one now, Sam?

I know our Liverpool bias tends to permeate this blog pretty often, but if Sam’s story confirms anything, it’s that the club, at long last, is run by competent and devoted people who are genuinely invested in their team.

03 Jul

The Fenwayification of Anfield (Via The Red Letter)

The Fenwayification of Anfield (Via The Red Letter)

Here’s an excerpt of a piece I wrote for LFC Boston’s blog, The Red Letter, about the parallels between Fenway Park and Anfield. Hope you enjoy it:

It’s nearly two years since FSG and principal owner John W. Henry took control of Liverpool’s fortunes after a dreadful period of stagnation from the previous owners. You know who they are. I choose not to type out their names.

One of the most contentious areas of stalled development was the duo’s misleading dialogue regarding a new stadium at Stanley Park. A brash promise of having a spade in the ground within sixty days became a marked quotation that Liverpool fans used to highlight the distrust they had with the ownership group.

Fast-forward to the present and a sense of restlessness is once again growing among the Anfield faithful. A lingering question remains: will a new shiny stadium at Stanley Park become a reality or will historic Anfield remain as the club’s home? It’s safe to say that many Liverpool fans would favor the latter. And so does FSG. After John W. Henry’s comments to The Anfield Wrap it appears that a potential plan to refurbish Anfield may be on the horizon. Adding more credence to that sentiment is Liverpool City Council’s desire to promote several projects to revitalize the Anfield area.

You can check out the article in its entirety on The Red Letter by clicking here.

22 Mar

Rafa Benitez Talks Unemployment, Liverpool, and Signings That Never Were

Rafa Benitez holds his jugs

“What’s Rafa up to?” Don’t lie. Every disgruntled fan that’s wanted to punt their current manager to row omega has probably blurted this question once or twice in the past year. He’s one of the most attractive coaching options on the market (tactically, not physically – unless barrell bellied waiters are something you’re in to).

But as Jen Chang finds out in this fantastic interview for, Rafa just be waiting for that right gig to open. Meanwhile, he’s watching buckets of matches – from a very well broken in recliner, I presume – and analyzing teams and players until the springs on said recliner pop. He’s also kept busy designing iPad apps. Go figure. But check it out on his unintentionally hilarious website,

Anyway, read that piece, as I can’t add anything that Jen doesn’t. But I’ll say that within it lies a couple revelations that may cause Liverpool fans some unexpected flatulence. Get this, Rafa almost signed Dani Alves…as a winger! And Alberto Aquilani? Apparently Rafa’s plan for him was never completed, as he was supposed to combine with Montenegrin wonderkid Stevan Jovetic. But, Rafa says, he just didn’t have the funds…or did he?

22 Mar

Scouser on a Skateboard: Geoff Rowley Talks Football

Most of you only remember this guy from the old Tony Hawk games, let’s be honest. Football and Skateboarding don’t have a huge crossover but shredding gnar on the PS1 and PS2 with the Birdman and Co. was like the Facebook of the early 2000′s. Everybody was addicted to it.

Thankfully I had a few friends that loved to shred gnar in real life (not as well as Mr. Rowley) so I became familiar with Britain’s best skater years ago. While watching a Flip Skateboard’s production, Really Sorry, my ears perked up due to a familiar LFC tune. (1:30 mark in this video) He immediately became my favorite skater.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that he recently did an interview for French football magazine, So Foot. Said interview was then translated by the original writer, who is a skate blogger and also writes for Vans, and was put up on the Vans website. None of that really matters. What matters is that the Liverpool born lad sounds off on going to Merseyside Derby’s, a hooligan uncle, and why Kenny Dalglish would be a top Skateboarder.

[Interview - Via Vans]

27 Feb

You’ll Never See Again

While we’re on the topic, here’s one more excuse to post about Liverpool winning the League Cup. This is just an adorable display of pure, indestructible ecstasy.

NOTE: The Third Kit does not condone the use of drugs.

27 Feb

Glen Johnson: Physics Be Damned

Glen Johnson: Physics Be Damned -

Seriously, how the hell did Glen Johnson get in that position? It’s not photoshoped or anything. It’s a real picture in real time and space. I can’t look at it too long, it hurts my brain… or maybe that’s just my massive hangover. And yes, this is my excuse to post about Liverpool winning the League Cup.

[via NESN]