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07 Feb

The Match Fixing Map

Match Fixing Map: An Epidemic -

This post has been amended from its original form due to inaccuracies. More information at the bottom. 

Map maker, map maker, make me a map.

Boom. Done.

Above, we present to you what we are calling the Match Fixing Map. It shows all the nations that have had domestic league matches involved in match fixing scandals in the last decade (give or take a year). This doesn’t even include speculated fixes in continental or international matches because, well, that’s tricky to highlight. Hopefully this sheds some light on just how epidemic in stature this problem is.

29 Feb

Is This Racist?

Liverpool’s Spanish ‘keeper, Pepe Reina, is in a bit of controversy today for the fourth ad in the above video. It involves a play on words involving the fact that his last name means Queen in Spanish. However, not everyone is smitten with the ad. Operation Black Vote, a UK based group that promotes racial equality cried foul claiming that the ad displays black people as “stupid, backward, animalistic homosexuals”.

OK, I won’t be around the bush, I’ll just say it: this ad is not racist. Reina is the butt of the joke, not the black chief or the tribe. Did anybody also realize that the guide in the ad whom introduces Reina to the King is a black man? Or how about the fact that OBV included being a homosexual in a list of negative adjectives along with “stupid” and “backward”?

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11 Dec

Lyon & Dinamo Zagreb: Worth A Closer Look

Zdravko Mamic. He’s angry. He’s corrupt. He’s a bit insane. Knowing that, it’s little surprise that the club he’s President of, Dinamo Zagreb, is in the midst of a blooming match-fixing scandal.

Take away the fact that the club has been embroiled in controversy of all sorts under Mamic’s reign. Take away the fact that he’s a gay basher. Take away the fact that his son, a player agent, holds several contracts of Dinamo’s players, a violation of Croatian sporting law. Even take away the fact that Dinamo’s loyal fans have furiously been calling for Mamic’s control of the club to be ended. Even so, there is enough evidence to suggest Dinamo’s 7-1 loss to Lyon this week was bought and paid for.

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10 Dec

Dave’s Weekend Gloat; Oh Manchester, So Much To Answer For…


For the majority of us, The Beautiful Game is like a trip to an amusement park.

The roller coaster of emotion that supporting your team entails, the expectation that a faster ride means more fun and that if the wait is long then the ride must be worth it. It goes without saying that any food available at Footballworld must be expensive and hard to digest.

Other fans go to the park to serenely cruise around on the carousel, a constant circle of gentle activity that offers all the fun of the fair without the danger of too much excitement but knowing that the experience will be the same every time.

To use another popular analogy; most of us are the 99 percent, everyone else supports Manchester United.

This week, the 1 percent found out what it is like to climb aboard an unknown roller coaster for the first time.

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17 Nov

Blatter: “Racism? What Racism?!”

Blatter: "What Racism?!" (Odemwingie Banner) -

Sepp Blatter insists racism in football is something that just isn’t that big of a deal. In fact, he went as far as denying it even exists, when yesterday he said this to CNN:

“I would deny it. There is no racism.”

Really? No racism Sepp? The banner above suggests differently. Infamously, it was displayed by Lokomotiv Moscow fans a year ago in the wake of Peter Odemwingie’s sale to West Brom. Odemwingie is a Nigerian international of mixed race, so I’ll let you figure out the implied context of the banana for yourself. Three months later, Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup by Sepp Blatter’s FIFA. It’s difficult to accept that there is indeed no racism in the game. It’s difficult to think in just over a year, the type of racism displayed above could just be wiped out of the game.

Despite Blatter’s outrageous claim, he still offered a suggestion for on-pitch racism to be addressed. And yes, it’s as absurd as you think it is:

“But the one who is affected by that, he should say that this is a game. We are in a game, and at the end of the game, we shake hands, and this can happen, because we have worked so hard against racism and discrimination.”

What’s just a game? Football or racism? Sepp is trivialising a major issue and brushing it aside. It’s typical arrogance from Blatter. He’s living in a fantasy land where his efforts in football, including riding the game of racism, have actually been succesful. To suggest that players subject to racist abuse should essentially get over it and shake hands with ignorant biggots is condescending and iresponsible. It’s not the first time he’s put his foot in his mouth but it should be the last. Go to Disney World if you want fantasies Sepp. The real world has had enough of your failures.

29 Oct

Dave’s Weekly Thought; John Terry, Sponsored By The Letter R.

Racism In Football -

This week the letter R dominated the Beautiful Game.

It started at the Theatre of Dreams where the Noisy Neighbors routed The Other Manchester Club leaving Sir Alex red-faced and rummaging around for an answer. Having only decided this season to start speaking to the BBC again, he must have been so happy to face them after what was an astonishing display by The Manchesters.

City were rampant, United were rubbish and the manner of victory suggested that the power balance may be shifting from the Red to the Light Blue. Entirely possible, but too early to start making any assumptions along those lines.

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07 Oct

Sonuvabitch: Goal Line Tech R.I.P.

Sonuvanitch: Goal Line Technology R.I.P. -

The prospect of goal line technology died today. All it took were the following words:

I think the goal line can be easily controlled by two additional assistant referees.

We’ve heard it before from assholes and idiots alike (Blatter, Platini, etc.) but now we have no choice but to abandon the search for GLT due to the man who made these comments: Pierluigi Collina. He’s the only respected referee and Italian in the world of football. During his time, Collina was regarded as the best official in the game, bar none. He was the bee’s knees, the cat’s meow, and any other animal centric metaphor that doesn’t really make sense. (Bees don’t have knees… do they?)

He also rejected the call for teams to be able to challenge calls as in American Football, a concept that we here at TK e-mailed to FIFA’s headquarters in Zurich under Chuck Blazer’s name as a complete joke. Seriously, we laughed so hard we peed a little when we did it. We didn’t realize anyone was actually considering that idea. Still, Collina gave his thoughts on it:

How would football have looked and reacted in Paris when Thierry Henry handled the ball and France scored to go to the World Cup and Ireland couldn’t appeal against that because they had already used up their three appeals?

We would have been thrilled. Maybe then Ireland would have shut up and stopped crying martyr since they only had themselves to blame. It’s called finishing your chances Kevin Doyle! OK, I know, he does have a point. Sometimes NFL refs just make shit up, even if they get a chance to review it.
As for Collina’s answer to controversial calls, he backs the “human solution” of adding additional ARs on the goal line. That’s interesting because you can take one look at Collina and see that he’s clearly from another planet.
25 Jul

VOTD: Inside Mario Balotelli’s Head

Mario. Balotelli. Yesterday’s antics have made him today’s player du jour. A boastfully muffed backheel and Super Mario’s season is off to a characteristically controversial note. In doing so, Mario has stolen this week’s spotlight from more deserving Copa America champions, Uruguay. But hey, everyone loves a scandal. So while people expound on Mario’s latest Mr. Hyde moment, this clip shows you more of his Dr. Jekyll side and gets as close as you can to explaining what goes on in this guy’s head without jabbing a speculum in his ear.

It’s easy to damn the Italian 20 year old as a lost cause after what he tried to pull against the Galaxy, but Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini (whom Mario calls “Papa”) believes he can tame Mario the Monsta and even likens him to the most polarizing player of his day, Eric Cantona. I like that comparison. And could also see Balotelli pulling off his own kung fu drop-kick before his days are done.

What do you think of Balotelli? Is it too early to write him off? Think he’ll win over Man City fans? Or is Mancini counterfeit dreaming about ever straightening him out?

19 Jul

CAF Don’t Give a Fuck about FIFA!

Suspension?! What Suspension?!

The Confederation of African Football is risking FIFA sanctions with their latest move: they’ve allowed two suspended officials to actively participate in football activities. Tunisian, Slim Aloulou (who were gonna call Slim) and Mali’s Amadou Diakite were suspended from partaking in any sort of football activities last year for doing bad things, which may or may not include placing a whoopie cushion under Sepp Blatter’s seat at a FIFA Executive Committee meeting.

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14 Jul

Boston’s WCVB Interviews Dimi Berbaton…?

Dimitar Berbatov, or Dimi Berbaton?

Meet Dimi Berbaton. The robotic version of Dimitar Berbatov now giving interviews and partaking in preseason training on his behalf. He is a 195 lb. nearly exact replica of The Berba. However, the Bulgarian opted for a slightly shorter 6 ft, brown-haired mechanical brethren to make him look a bit less like Andy Garcia on camera. Curiously, however, Berbaton comes equipped with a “swatstika,” whatever that is. Surely they don’t mean swastika. Oh dear. You wouldn’t Dimitar…

Thank you, WCVB – a.k.a “The Boston Channel” – for this beautiful bit of failure.

Of course, we shall explain. Last night, prior to Manchester United’s 4-1 bushwhacking of the New England Revolution at Gillette Stadium, the team gave local media smiles, interview, etc. IT JUST SO HAPPENED, at the same time, a crazed neo-nazi who’d just killed 3 people in New York was spotted driving through Massachusetts and New Hampshire with his girlfriend and their 4-month old baby. Hence, the amber alert. No word has been given if the real Dimitar Berbatov was involved in the incident….yet.

Highlights of ManU’s rout of the Revs after the jump…