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05 Aug

Walk Like A Giant: Determining What Makes An English Club “Big”


Defining success means different things to different supporters. It can involve wins, trophies, fan support, landing players considered to be “world class” and probably some other measurements that are completely ludicrous and based on superficial, entitled feelings. One aspect where this draws contentious opinion among supporters is finding out who is a “big club” and who gets the unsavory title of being a “small club.”

12 Apr

Very Extra!

Americans and good soccer commentary just don’t go together. Every time I hear Eric Wynalda and Alexi Lalas talk about anything, I want to engage the SAP function to avoid the noise. The British on other hand, are fantastic at the game. Chief among them are the guys from The Guardian, and their flagship podcast Football Weekly. Every week, twice a week, James Richardson and his rotating crew of correspondents break down the happenings of the wide world of football…Until now.

With the introduction of Football Weekly Very Extra, the Guardian crew is also posting a video version of the pod on Fridays, focusing on the Europa League. Not being a Liverpool fan, I am not all that familiar with the competition, but I’ll tune into anything that has my favorite journos talking football on camera. Granted, the Europa League is basically a competition to see who is the 17th best team in Europe, but the relegation battle is to determine the 17th best team in England, and that is always compelling and rich. Plus, as a very extra bonus, Spurs crashed out of the competition after a heart-warming penalty shootout last night, so enjoy!

08 Feb

‘Arry Absolved, ‘Arry for England

Redknapp to succeed Capello?

The England national team, as you may know, are currently without a coach or a captain. The question du jour (and probably the only thing that your Twitter timeline will consist of for the next week or so) is ‘Who’s going to be the next manager of England?’ Will it be Woy Hodgson? Or the fat waiter himself, Rafa Benitez? How about Real Madrid wantaway Jose Mourinho? While the ravenous British media speculates endlessly about the man who’s eyes they next get to peck out of their skull, I think this picture tells the story.

Sorry Spurs fans, it’s ‘Arry the Acquitted and you know it.

26 Jan

Harry Redknapp’s Writing Practice

Today, Harry Redknapp’s trial for tax evasion continued in London. Besides having a Cockney accent, Redknapp’s defense or alibi or whatever you want to call it, was that he can’t write for shit. We here at Third Kit thought, “come on.” That’s not possible. A respected professional football manager who can’t write?

It’s apparently true though. He has hired Annie Sullivan III – yes, she’s the Miracle Worker’s granddaughter – to help him learn to communicate through writing. Through our investigative endeavor, we’ve found that Tottenham’s Helen Keller has been practicing. We found his scratch paper after digging through the trash.

28 Nov

Dave’s Serving of Stuffing; Five Premier Reasons To Be Thankful

As Thursday was Thanksgiving in the USA and there were no Europa League games on, I felt that it would be appropriate to count my blessings and give thanks for certain elements of the Premier League that I appreciate more than others.

Obviously I am grateful for being a Spurs fan, despite the years of untold misery that they have put me through and their rather annoying habit of being good some weeks which leads to misjudged complacency and thinking that they just have to turn up to win.

When this inevitably happens, it is normally the sign for the pundits to sagely stroke their beards and remark that “this is why Spurs will always be challenging rather than Champions” or “they have the potential to be the top club in London but they don’t have the experience of (say) Arsenal and Chelsea in grinding out results”.

Which is probably right.

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14 Jun

Tottenham Hotspur: Guess The New Kits

Tottenham's 'Guess the New Kit'

This is a pretty… fairly cool idea from North London. Spurs are giving fans the chance to guess the design of their new kits before they release them… or before they get leaked on the interweb. Check out the Facebook page where you Spurs faithful out there can hypothesize your hearts out. Be sure to check out the video of the players sketching their designs as well. Suprisingly enough, Heurelho Gomes did in fact hold on to both pen and paper while drawing. Baby steps Heurelho, baby steps. Well done.

Think you can come up with a more absurd design? Make it and put it on TK’s Facebook page. Winner gets a hug!

11 Mar

Shakhtar and Spurs: European Darkhorses (Part II)

Tottenham Hotspur: Champions League quarterfinalists that no one wants to play.

30 Dec

TK Goes Drinking with a Footballer – Roman Pavlyuchenko

The TK crew recounts our night on the town last New Year’s Eve with Roman Pavlyuchenko.

10 Dec

Afternoon Roundup

Friday’s Afternoon Roundup includes a kit makeover for Barcelona, Patrice Evra being French, and the weekend’s tantalizing EPL fixture list.

06 Aug

EPL Transfers: What Is and What Should Never Be (Part 1)

With a little over three weeks left before the transfer window closes and very little movement in the grossly inflated market, it’s time to assess what the teams in England have done, what they’re thinking of doing, why it’s probably dumb (or smart in a few cases), and why they should listen to what I […]