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01 Sep

NBC gifted perfect timing for Derby Day


NBC’s coverage of the Premiere League has been excellent so far this new season, and today’s Super Sunday September 1st Bonanza could not have been better timed.  Fresh off of College Football’s first Saturday, American sports fans were primed for more on-the-field action Sunday morning. With the NFL not kicking off for one more week, the NW England and North London derby match-ups slotted in as cheekily as Daniel Sturridge’s goal against United.  Furthermore, there are hardly 4 teams with larger US support than the 4 that performed today.

NBC’s EPL coverage has been really spectacular thus far, with the in-studio portions linking all the live coverage as smoothly as Arsenal’s link-up play leading up to Oliver Giroud’s winner against Spurs, and the thorough Match of the Day recap nicely allowing all Arsenal and Liverpool fans to languish in their team’s success well into the evening.

The popularity of Soccer is growing in the United States. I remember roping all my American friends into watching the World Cup in 2006 on my new, state-of-the-art HDTV, being grateful that I had access to every match of the tournament. Now, not only can I watch every single match of each EPL round,  the scores from the top leagues are given the same prominence on ESPN’s bottom ticker as “Popular Tim Tebow’s” release from the Patriots.  NBC’s coverage of the EPL is leading the sport in the right direction. Even the MLS is getting some snazzy new spots which will hopefully help lift all ships with the rising tide.  I for one am one fan who counts himself lucky.

26 Aug

Suggest this…MNF

In this classic SportsCenter spot, Scott Van Pelt started a trend that has unfortunately not quite caught on fire.  No, its not  making being bald look cool (although he does), nor is it having lunch with sports super stars (great idea though it may be). It is transferring over to Europe the thing that America has gotten the most right, by far.  Sports Coverage.

14 May

The Will to Win

The need to survive is an instinct all species share. When faced with extinction, survival becomes the one and only goal.  This time of year, the battle to move into and out of the EPL created some of the best moments of the season. Watford’s jubilant progress into the Championship Final shows how much it […]

16 Apr

A Letter From Boston on Exile

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Boston is where Thirdkit was born. A gross amalgamation of weirdly opinionated football fans sprung from an unlikely place: the corner of Boylston and Tremont streets right on the picturesque Boston Common at Emerson College.

We may not show it often but we have a few serious and poignant thoughts that go through our heads here at TK and yesterday provided the perfectly awful environment for real contemplation.

The number of times I’ve taken the short walk from my old dorms on Boylston down to Copley Square and the Boston Public Library are impossible to count. Still, on two occasions I can distinctly remember making that journey with the sole purpose of taking in the world-famous Boston Marathon at the finish line on Patriots’ Day. Wow… even as I writer this, I get chills. To think that fragile and often random circumstances we find ourselves in can make the difference between living and dying is a sobering thought. Is that all this is? Is life just chance, a roll of the dice? Do we really have any say on what our fortunes hold on this forsaken planet?

Maybe it’s because I’m stupid or maybe it’s because I’m stubborn but I think we do have a say.

Just seeing people walk around today and yesterday and going about their lives made me believe in the human spirit. Sure, we are all a bit shaken but the cowards that did this made an incredibly grave mistake if terror was their goal: Their actions have forced us to rally. Already, we’ve come together to showcase some truly incredible things in the immediate wake of the most shocking event in Boston’s history.

From reports of runners literally racing to Mass General Hospital to donate blood to students raising over $24,000 for victims in less than a day (fuck yeah, Emerson) it’s been incredible to see the positive side of the human condition display itself.

We call Boston the Hub and it’s an accurate nickname. With more than 50 higher-ed institutions in the greater Boston area, it’s a hub of academia, a place where proper scholarly debate thrives. With notable Irish, Armenian, Brazilian, Portuguese and other ex-pat populations it’s a hub of culture, an area in which flags from several nations fly harmoniously.

Fittingly, one of my favorite classes at Emerson was taught by a Greek professor and centered on the analysis of travel literature. For our final paper, we were tasked with writing a piece comparing two of the texts we read during the semester or crafting our own travel writing piece. I choose the latter.

My topic was exile. I explored the idea of being a foreigner in your own home through my personal experiences in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I started my piece with an apt line from a renowned cultural studies figure whose work we analyzed:

“Distance does not inevitably lead to exile.”

- Caren Kaplan

I toyed with the idea that someone can be exiled in their own home in the wake of incredible circumstance. Just as my hometown of Slidell, Louisiana will never be the same as it was before August 28, 2005, Boston, Massachusetts will never be the same as it was before April 15, 2013.

Here’s the last paragraph I wrote in that paper:

“People always ask me how the recovery is going. It irks me and now I know why. It’s not a recovery, it’s not a rebuilding, it’s a totally new place in space and time. It will never be the same as it was, and that’s OK. Exile is part of human nature. Just as a child must become exiled from his pacifier when he gets old, I’m exiled from my old home. We are all exiled from the world we had on August 28, 2005, the day before the storm hit.”

To be exiled is not something negative and Bostonians must come to terms with that. There’s a reality that permeated the city two days ago that disappeared in 13 tragic seconds. However, we have a chance to move forward and construct a new Boston. Perhaps not physically as was the case for New Orleans in the Gulf Coast but mentally we can commit to making this terrific New England city a more welcoming and more vibrant than ever before.

In my paper, I argued that a people or a group truly doesn’t become bonded until they have a shared experience. Needless to say, this experience has bonded all of us here in the Hub. No matter if your a kid from Southie, an old Italian guy from the North End or a hipster from Berklee College, we’ve all got something in common: we’re still living in this awesome city.

So sorry to disappoint you terrorists but we are here to stay. I can’t wait for Boston to be better than ever. I can’t wait to see this city continue to rally. I can’t wait to see a record crowd at next year’s Boston Marathon.

We are all exiled from the Boston we had on April 15, 2013, the day before the bombs went off.

Let’s make sure the ideas and actions we choose to exile are the right ones. Bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia and apathy have no place in the new Boston.

Don’t ever forget that. Let’s make this city even better than it was before and show the world that there’s still some decency left in mankind.

06 Sep

Philadelphia Union Fan Parody Video


Philadelphia had a pretty strong soccer fan base before it was granted an MLS team, namely with the Sons of Ben. Now the Philadelphia Union is in its third season in the league and Big Philly Fan wanted to show his appreciation.

In a video parody of The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” Big Philly Fan is incredibly “Glad Union Came”. H e sings, he dances, he made up lyrics and he knows all of the guys on the Union’s roster.

He may not be Fred Astaire but his praise of Freddy Adu and the rest of the team is positive for MLS and fan relations. At least he cares and is proud to show it. Good for him.

02 Feb

Bob Bradley Marches, Speaks About Egyptian Riots

Bob Bradley, Egypt Demonstrations

As you know, sh*t is hitting fans across Egypt right now. Wednesday’s riots have turned into today’s mourning and demonstation. Bob Bradley marched at those demonstrations today and the former U.S. manager did comment on the situation:

When a tragedy like this occurs, I think it’s important to show respect…To see so many young people lose their lives is something that is a terrible, terrible thing and something that’s very sad for everyone that’s living in Egypt. All Egyptian people feel this today.”

At a time when most national team managers, unattached to the identity of the nation they represent, would flee a country in turmoil, Bob the Brave actually took to the streets with the people. His humility, courage, and class – as ugly as the situation in Egypt may be – is beautiful. He even gave a very wholehearted interview to an Egyptian news station. See Bob and every inch of his freshly shaved head below.

According to Brian Straus, all soccer in Egypt has indeed been suspended as a result of the riots in Port Said that killed 74. Egyptian football officials have been fired and even several notable players have retired. As a result Bob’s future at the national is a bit foggy. But judging by his actions he seems loyal to the role, and if he remains as manager he will have bundles to do with rebuilding the game in Egypt.

30 Jan

Football Fans: They Know How To Mass Debate (NSFW)

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Football Fans: E-mail Debates -

The following is a transcript of several emails received by a Spurs fan (who wishes to remain anonymous) on January 23 and 24. It must be stressed that at no time did he join in to the furious debate that raged in the UK, mainly because he was asleep.

This banter between mates that started after a fourth mate revealed that he would be visiting the UK in May. It seemed that he would be welcome as long as Spurs hadn’t won the League, hence the following discussion. This all took place by email, on two successive work-days and lasted for less than an hour on each day.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent but all are season ticket holders at their respective clubs.

Parental Guidance Advisory; Contains Profanity and the words “John Terry”.

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24 Dec

Happy Christmas, From The TK

Merry Christmas all! Hope you have a better one than the Griswolds!

28 Jul

The Early Black Cat Gets The Wickham


It’s been a busy summer already in the North-East of England. There’s been a lot going on at Newcastle with the acquisition of Demba Ba from West Ham and the surprising snag of Sylvain Marveaux from Rennes on a free transfer. Although Toon has certainly been active it’s their red rivals who have really worked the market to their advantage. Red stripes, not black, look set to mark the biggest club in the region.

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28 Jul

Jermaine Jones is an idiot

He may be “foreign” but how the hell can you not know the name of the club you play for?