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09 Jun

It’s OK Seattle, you still have the Sounders

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Sonics-OKC BR

Seattle sports fans are heartbroken all over again as their once beloved Seattle Supersonics, now the Oklahoma City Thunder, have reached the NBA Finals.

The media has been all over it from headlines about the “Sonics” achievement and polls whether Seattle basketball fans will be rooting for this team, once their own, in the chase for the championship.

While the Thunder has moved on from Seattle, leaving history and success with the city in their rearview mirror, Seattle fans shouldn’t forget that they still have a championship-caliber team right to still call their own: the Seattle Sounders.

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18 Nov

Third Kits: Seattle Sounders unleash ‘Super Cyan’ in 2012

Seattle Sounders Third Kit, 2012

Oh you have the right idea with this 3rd kit, Seattle. You’ve got the league buzzing about as loud as this guy’s armpits. The colors are par for the Sounder’s course – “Electricity” green, and the brand new, ‘coming to a Crayola crayon set near you,’ “Super Cyan.”

Yes, it’s hideous and looks something like a Steve Zizzou scuba set on ecstasy (ok, sorta), but that’s perfect for an alternate uni. They’re meant to cause a stir, raise some eyebrowws, or in this case, put on some sunglasses. Kudos to the earth-tone hating, neon-loving brains in Seattle. We dig it.

(H/T Pursuit of Victory)

10 May

Sounders Suck: Fans Benefit

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Classy move by the Sounders today. They are essentially going to refund their season ticket holders for the 4-0 home drubbing they took against the Galaxy. Each season ticket holder will be given credits that can go toward games in 2011. The Sounders owner, Adrian Hanauer, had scathing words about the teams performance: “That wasn’t Sounders […]

28 Mar

MLS Review/Preview

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I know it’s late. I know I said this would come a couple days ago, but it’s not because I’m lazy. And the fact that it’s the weekend and vast amounts of alcohol, may, or may not have, been consumed had no effect on the tardiness of this post. Rather, I wanted to let the […]

26 Mar

Vancouver Starts the Countdown

Vancouver MLS Countdown from mlsinsider on Vimeo. Last night’s MLS Kickoff was pretty sweet huh? There was rain, babes, loud chants, and a ballsy header by Freddy Montero, certainly made possible by his racing stripes. I mean, that’s the reason I shaved them into my head too. Sadly, the Philadelphia Union could not notch their […]

05 Mar

Seattle Smart: Rest of League Dumb

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Most teams play to win. In order to win, in most sports, you have to score more points. (But not Golf. Unless it’s those long distance driving tournaments, which isn’t real Golf anyway) Therefore, you must do two things to win: 1. Get players who will score points. 2. Make sure they score more points […]